Education Through the Students’ Eyes

Every person learns differently, and we need to understand that. No doubt, education makes man, but at present, synonymous materialized products are formed in the shake of students without realizing core value of present needs. Our education system needs to stop being gatekeeper and censor of learning instead disclose its borders and accept democratization of knowledge and redefine the role of teacher to facilitator. What do actually students allure today? Students, specifically higher secondary level, yearn for authentic and bona fide learning practices. They want to solve problems, but at the same time, want them to be grounded for their world. Being introverted to fickle, expressive to silence breaker, notorious to obedient, every single student possesses his/her own specific aroma, seeking to be addressed by their teachers and in a need to understand their teachers better. Having choices, various ways to learn and opportunities to explore their ardor within formal learning atmosphere, students crave for a shield of empathy between their passion and teachers; and teachers want time to get to know their students beyond their academic attainment.

From topper to average to lower graders, ever students are special with their abilities, and we just need to realize such potentials. The one who faces difficulties in their day to day learning practices with poor performances should be taken for regular counseling session, leading to realize the actual reason behind such lack and eliminating accordingly. Thus, every educational sector should have such counselors in order to monitor regular performance. Basic learning is essential, but screening the exceptional inborn features of every child, and polishing it in more enhanced way is equally significant. Realizing such credentials in the name of extracurricular activities, but no space soon after such events, seem to be very common. Establishment for the recognition of such x-factors, therefore, is the necessity of modern education. Teachers play a vital role in enabling such inbuilt qualities of students and uplifting them.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller, the reason is undoubtedly, the advancement in technology. Pillar and mainstay of forthcoming generations, students are stacked away, not completely but most probably, from the use such technologies. With similar lectures and tedious assignment of copy and paste, students are prisoner of their educators’ style, leaving no room for creativity, independence and research. Let students run after the library; rummage over the pages of other writers; read, read and read; go through you tube; ask Google; consult their parents and make their notes fly with their own methods. Use of mobiles, internet, computers, calculators etc is no more hidden, although their corrective abundance application in education should be implied, minimizing the misuse for personal benefit. Since, students at this level are at tender age and are more prone to be attracted towards negative implications. Learning with practical approach is the foremost requisite of recent age rather than memorizing at the crucial time of exam and vomiting in the papers and blank headed soon after the exam ends. This concept is no longer approachable and should have new way of testing students’ abilities.

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