Reinventing Education

It all began with Bimal Kumar, a young boy growing up in Nepal. Even as a young boy, Kumar noticed that his situation was not adequate for education. Walking an hour to school was not the only obstacle he faced each day in an effort to educate himself. His antiquated school was devoid of textbooks and lacked even a basic library. Learning under these conditions made it hard for Kumar to remain positive.


Kumar seized the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Texas. This was life-altering. Exposure to a school that had the latest technology and teaching methods stood in stark contrast to his prior education. The differences in educational experiences created a desire to research various educational structures.


After his initial insight, Kumar set out to explore more than 30 countries around the world. His goal: immerse himself in each country’s education system. By doing so, Kumar learned that every country had some aspect that could be beneficial to another.


In his travels, he also noticed the impact that eLearning had on students. Communicating and learning across the globe is easier to do now than ever before. However, Kumar noticed a disconnect between current classroom and online teaching practices.


Teaching has evolved. From the stale lecture-based  (teacher-driven) models to the lively collaborative (student-driven) models. Collaborative learning allows students to engage and experience content. Previously, teachers hoped students would soak up information through a lecture. Unfortunately for students worldwide, eLearning has not evolved from the antiquated, teacher-driven model.


Kumar knew from his previous experiences the hardships of learning in a teacher-driven school. He refused to see technological advancements squandered on out-of-date practices. And so the idea to provide an online platform for students to collaborate was born.


– James

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